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Welcome to the wonderful Allgäu!

Our Hanselhof is a charming farm in the alpine upland of Bavaria’s south eastern Swabia region on the borders of Tyrol. Located in the idyllic green countryside, our Hanselhof is synonymous with a truly laid back atmosphere of comfort. We have renovated our beautiful farmhouse to be stylish, unique and unforgettable, just for you. We dare say that we are unique in the Allgäu in terms of taste in design and comfort. In fact, we have simple tastes here and this is what brings about the wonderful combination of down-to-earth country life on a luscious hill and the culture of the wider world which we bring here.

The Hanselhof promises a truly dreamlike countryside idyll and happy days with your family and friends. We are also in an ideal location for a wide range of events and corporate functions and we are an ideal starting point for all types of sports tour – embark on a discovery tour and explore the various possibilities in the region. And don’t forget: take a break from everyday life in the middle of green woods, gentle hills and mountains!


We bid you a warm welcome with a friendly ‘Hello!’

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