Our Hanselhof in Ruderatshofen in the Allgäu features six bedrooms, a dining room - our parlour -, a lounge, a barn and wonderful flowering meadows all around which glisten so prettily and white in the winter snow and which underline the peacefulness of the dreamlike countryside.

Enjoy private living here - happy days in a truly special and private environment. Exclusivity in a country setting. 

The rooms range from small to large with charming furnishings and they combine the cottage and modern lifestyles. Three bathrooms are available. Our lounge is your living room. You can feel like you are at home. Read, play or make music here, gather with your nearest and dearest at the fireplace and please don't work unless you absolutely have to ... 

If you don't want to book the Hanselhof as self-catering, but would rather take advantage of our hospitality, we can of course conjure up a well-rounded breakfast and we can even prepare delicacies for you in our small kitchen, and when the wonderful smell tempts you down you can enjoy them in comfort at the stove.

When you approach your stay at our Hanselhof with the motto 'love for the countryside, health, nurturing and caring for your family and friends', you can enjoy our Hanselhof as a holiday home or give yourself up to our care and rely on us to organise an interesting and fun programme for your own personal feeling of comfort. We believe that good nutrition, lots of movement and inspiring your spirit are the best ways to revitalise you - your exclusive holiday in the countryside - as our private guest at the Hanselhof - bookable either as self-catering or as a B&B, however you want!